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Fae King Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 1

Fae King Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 1

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A dead Fae king, a hooker with magic gone wrong, and a missing true love charm.  

How far will a fairy godmother have to go to get her own magical, happy ever after? 

Tired of working as a lady of pleasure, Martha uses illegal magic at the local fair to bring two lovers together, when a fae inquisitor catches her. 

Dragged before the Seelie court, her fate is to be decided by the elders. But she has one boon: time. She has 40 days to figure out how to prevent the judgment from being imposed on her. 

Only her true love’s charm can protect her from losing her magic forever, but how can she acquire true love when he, the Fae King, has been dead for years? 

All magic has a cost and a cure.  

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