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Monster Romance Collection 5 Ebooks

Monster Romance Collection 5 Ebooks

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FIVE Monster Romances + ONE Novella in this series Bundle (Big, Bad Wolf)

Jane and the Monster Book 1 and 2

Aurora and the Monster

Dorothy and the Monster Book and 2 


Jane has always heard stories about giant monsters residing at the top of the Mount Moorhead. Any woman who dares trespass would disappear, becoming captive to the villainous creatures and never to be seen again.

But instead of fear, Jane has always harbored fantasies of encountering a monster at the top of the mountain...

So one day, she puts on her hiking shoes and treks her way up, only to lose her way a few hours in.

After she panics and passes out, regretting her crazy idea to venture out of her comfort zone, she wakes up to find herself chained to a bed in a cavernous room, an odd sensation between her legs... and a giant monster from her fantasy tales with enormous arms, a tail, and two horns.

Maybe fantasy and reality are not quite the same. Or maybe they are...

Look Inside Chapter One

While this is not the first time she’s rammedinto me about this, it is perhaps the gentlest. Shehas tried to scold me to get me to back out, thenthreatened to call my mom and still, I didn’t budge.When I told her I’ve taken the week off work toprepare for this and to recuperate after, she musthave sensed I meant business and will not be talkedout of it. Since then, she has shown up at myhouse unannounced multiple times, trying toconvince me every which way to back out in thisuser-friendly tone that only serves to irritate me more.

Although, I am not sure if her frequent visits are for me or to get away from that douchebag of a husband she had—Todd.
e man is a delicate topic of conversation I hate to broach, but what I hate more is how he
treats her.

Clearly, this is not the best time to discuss that as her focus is firmly on me.

The water bottle goes into the small compartment at the side of my bag, the openings getting a thorough check next, the zipping sound echoing the finality of
my decision.

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