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Doomed Cases Box Set: Books 1- 4 & Prequel (Ebook)

Doomed Cases Box Set: Books 1- 4 & Prequel (Ebook)

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Her greatest downfall was getting involved with the Royals. Her only fear is that they discover her secret.

Maxine Brodeur is working hard to stay out of trouble these days, running her paranormal private detective agency with business partner Ricky. But then the unthinkable happens. The Royals call on her again.
She’s put that life behind, but now the past comes back to hunt her down.

Surviving will require a sober head, and Maxine will have to fight her own demons to stay a step ahead. She’ll use her arsenal of demonic gifts to uncover the crimes, faceoff with the royal family who seeks more than obedience, but absolute servitude.
Will Maxine find the strength to embrace her demonic magic, or allow the Royals to force her into a life of indentured service? There’s only one way out, and she’s doomed!

The Doomed Cases series is recommended for fans of paranormal romance, fantasy, mystery, and demonic magic. This bundle includes:

Hush Hush ( (Doomed Cases Book 0) Prequel
Demonic Triangle (Doomed Cases Book 1)
Diabolical Quest (Doomed Cases Book 2)
Infernal Initiation (Doomed Cases Book 3)
Satanic Fortitude (Doomed Cases Book 4) 


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