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Monster Romance Special Edition with Design Edges

Monster Romance Special Edition with Design Edges

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I couldn't take my eyes off her. My monster begged to be unleashed at any moment but I didn't want to scare her. The image of her sitting on my face, feeding me her nectar, was too much to bear. I quickly removed my clothes, then gestured for my servants to take the garments away and burn them. It was better this way—easier.

Aurora hurried to the water and immersed herself in it. My men kept their eyes averted, as I expected them to. Luckily, she didn’t notice my erection just yet.

She moaned in pleasure as she spread her arms and legs and drifted in the water. A sight to behold that made my cock come close to bursting. 

And just like that, my beast broke free. My tentacles grew, spreading out fast, whirling all around me. This was my second nature, and I was used to my monster by now. The mating tentacle spilled a bit of pre-cum as I stared at her perky breasts. She finally noticed me and jumped in fright, probably not expecting me so close. Her arms flailed as she splashed around and panted heavily. 

When the mating frenzy gripped me, I was at the point of no return. I opened my mouth, releasing my long tongue. My two longest tentacles snaked through the water as I walked farther in.

"You can't escape me, princess. You have unleashed my monster," I growled as my tentacle grabbed her waist and lifted her above the water. Soon enough, both of my long tentacles wrapped themselves around her thick thighs and brought her closer to me.

"Stop it! No! I need to wash up more," she hissed, her tone laced with trepidation. 

Her body was trembling, which reduced my control to a mere thread. All I wanted to do was ram my cock into her pink pussy. What the hell was wrong with me, and why was I suddenly so obsessed with the woman I was supposed to kill?

"It's clean enough for me. Let me finish the job with my tongue, my love," I growled, opening my mouth and showing her what the curse had done to me. Then I moved my tentacles to spread her legs wide while she whimpered and squirmed, fighting me to no avail. 


Jane has always heard stories about giant monsters residing at the top of the Mount Moorhead. Any woman who dares trespass would disappear, becoming captive to the villainous creatures and never to be seen again. But instead of fear, Jane has always harbored fantasies of encountering a monster at the top of the mountain...

So one day, she puts on her hiking shoes and treks her way up, only to lose her way a few hours in. After she panics and passes out, regretting her crazy idea to venture out of her comfort zone, she wakes up to find herself chained to a bed in a cavernous room, an odd sensation between her legs... and a giant monster from her fantasy tales with enormous arms, a tail, and two horns.

Maybe fantasy and reality are not quite the same. Or maybe they are...

This bundle includes five novels + one series novella featuring Monsters of Mount Moorhead and unique retelling of Red Riding Hood! 

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