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Wyvern's Passion Book 3 (Ebook)

Wyvern's Passion Book 3 (Ebook)

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Astri has decided to leave Rivenna along with Jorgen in order to track down a human druid in the Asian World. The druid breeds real dragons; the only creatures left in the entire world. He's in possession of dragon venom–a magical healing liquid that can reverse any spell and heal any creature, including Jetli. Astri knows that this is her only chance to save her beloved Pixie and get Jorgen's dragon back.The journey alone is extremely dangerous, and on top that, Astri's heat season is quickly approaching. She's already experiencing spikes of heat when Jorgen's nearby and now she's not sure if she'll be able to control herself around him.As soon as Astri and Jorgen arrive in the Asian world, everything turns upside down when a bunch of warriors kidnap the duke and take him to a remote temple situated inside the mountains.Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of their ever-growing problems. 
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