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The Witch's Whisper (Baba Yaga's Legacy Book 2)

The Witch's Whisper (Baba Yaga's Legacy Book 2)

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Dali has failed once again to escape the evil Koschei, but Lech has gotten away.
While she awaits execution, Lucia, an old witch, is thrown into a cell with her. Dali agrees to make a deal with Lucia, agreeing to become her student of magic.
Since Dali is carrying Koschei’s presumed heir, she is spared and transported to one of his properties in the middle of nowhere.
While there, she crosses paths with two riders who are part of her destiny. Tasked with finding Baba Yaga’s mortar to save herself and all other witches, she must also contend with Lech’s return as a completely different man, tainted by Koschei’s magic.
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