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The Witch's Rose (Ebook)

The Witch's Rose (Ebook)

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Baba Yaga is dead, and an evil Witchlord rules with an iron fist, burning the witches that try to restore her legacy. A web of lies and brutality, beauty, and betrayal awaits you in the first book in a brilliant new series by USA Today bestselling author Joanna Mazurkiewicz.

Dali lived a normal life until Koschei's huntsmen murdered her mother and kidnapped her little sister. Years later, she wakes up in the back of the van, shackled in iron chains, badly wounded, after she attempted to escape from the hidden Kingdom of Opana into the human world.

Once free, the Kingdom of Opana is transformed into a magical dictatorship under the powerful Koschei. He is desperate to save magic by forcing young witches to produce magically gifted children to his huntsmen and killing all those who stand in his way of absolute rule, crushing any opposition.Dali is sure she's going to burn, too, until Koschei offers her redemption, but at a cruel cost. She must bear him an heir if she ever wants to see her sister again and gain her freedom.

But when a twist of fate reveals all women's suffering as a birther, she realises that more is at stake than just that of her fragile heart and missing sister, but the whole of Opana. New Adult Contemporary Fantasy Romance 18+
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