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The Ice King: Adult Fairy Tale Romance - Snow White, Book 3

The Ice King: Adult Fairy Tale Romance - Snow White, Book 3

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Snow White - an adult fairy tale

Snow White has always been a free spirit. She enjoys partying and practicing her beloved archery much more than chasing after men. 

One night, late in the forest, she was hunting a deer for charity when she witnessed her stepmother mercilessly slaughter it before her eyes, performing some sort of magic in the process, vowing to remain the Queen of Tyndil for all eternity. 

Yanni was devastated when she learned the people in her kingdom believed her to be unfit to rule. After learning a secret, she set off on a journey to Bjorku Kingdom to meet the notorious, known womanizer, the Ice King. The very same man her stepmother, Ruth, has had her sights on for years. 

Yanni must repair her reputation in order to become Queen, and with the right man by her side she can change her future. 

Will she be able to win the man with a heart of ice and prevent her stepmother from triumphing once again?

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