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Skimming the Surface Book 5 (Ebook)

Skimming the Surface Book 5 (Ebook)

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Tahlia’s life has crumbled. The man she believed to have always loved has betrayed her and her enemy is back from the dead–hell must be too full to keep them.

After unrevealing in court and being sent to prison she is attacked in her cell and then transferred to a psychiatric unit. She knows that her chances of survival are slim.
When she finally looses all the hope, Micah shows up ready to help her escape. Tahlia is suddenly stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her hatred for him and his betrayal is fuelled by her love for him causing confusion and mixed emotions. He lied, cheated and mislead her in order to get what he wanted, and now he thinks he can fix everything. She has no other choice but to go with him. 

Escaping prison she is branded a mentally unstable fugitive on the run, finding herself living a life of isolation, trying to pick up the pieces and finally understanding her past, but still hiding her deepest secret away. Her enemy is slowly closing in on her and she doesn’t know how much time she has, before everything comes to a head, before the rat bastard gets his hands on her, before her world comes to an end. 
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