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Roses are Dead (Love to Hate You Book 1)

Roses are Dead (Love to Hate You Book 1)

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I started hating Hudson just after his older brother Christian’s death.
Then I dragged him down a road of humiliation and pain to try to cope with what his brother did to me. A few months after Christian’s passing, Hudson left town and for years, it was like he never existed.
Now I’m older, if not wiser, and I’m starting a new life, away from the demons of the past. But on my first day of college, my whole world comes crashing again. The moment my eyes meet Hudson's, it becomes clear many things have changed since we’ve been apart.
Now he is captain of the football team and the most popular guy on campus. When he makes a bet and gives me an ultimatum, I know things are just getting started.
The rules? I leave town forever and go to college elsewhere, or stay and play his game… because he’s never forgotten I was the one responsible for crushing his very soul.
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