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Reborn Book 5 (Ebook)

Reborn Book 5 (Ebook)

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The League won and the Dark Ones descended to the underworld.
Draconia is finally under control of the wardens. But this peace will not last.
The Dark Ones retreated but not empty handed, but with the most powerful dragon in the kingdom, Avianna.
The League took a great loss during the initial battle, and will need outside help to fight the enemy. But Fran’s mind is elsewhere. She wants to return to the Diamond City on her own to free Avianna.
Betrayed by one she trusted, Fran is devastated. She blames herself. The man that she thought was loyal to her stole Avianna during Battle for Council.
Yet, are the rumors true? Is Avianna underground?
Fran must trust a member of her family to sneak underground. There she discovers that things aren’t exactly as they seemed from the outside.
Will she be able to overcome her own insecurities and stand by her people? Will she continue to be their leader in the most brutal war in the history of Draconia?
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