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Paperback Copy of A Fae's Return (Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 4)

Paperback Copy of A Fae's Return (Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 4)

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Martha and Darragh’s moment of peace becomes short-lived when the perennial threat to their thrones and existence, Sylius, returns, this time with the most powerful witches in hisarmy, a dangerous gift from the underworld and his father, Polius, reincarnated.
Constant attacks within both Fae and human realms sends all the leaders into action as theywork towards an alliance that could get rid of their common enemy. Meanwhile, Aria fights a personal battle of what it means to be born into a family set for evil and tremendous losses sets both the Seelie and Unseelie courts back more steps than they could ever imagine.
The gripping and exhilarating fourth installment of the Fae’s Love series makes for a well-woven tapestry of political tension and power tussle and the lengths that a person is willing togo to get a throne that is not rightfully theirs.
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