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Paperback Copy of A Fae's Love: Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 3

Paperback Copy of A Fae's Love: Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 3

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His escape requires her seduction. Her magic requires his heart.
With Martha’s memories taken away, she finds herself as a pawn for the power-hungry fae. Although she’s told the Unseelie fae on her side, Sylius, is her beloved fiancé, she can’t help the nagging feeling that something is off, wrong even. She’s a prisoner in a gilded tower, and doesn’t know it.
Darragh, removed from the throne, can’t sit idly by for his stolen kingdom or fated love to return to him. His only hope is to escape with Martha, the fairy godmother he’s always loved. He cops a plan to rescue them both, even if it causes the Unseelie Court to crumble.
In this desperate quest to right past wrongs, both Martha and Darragh must heal the past, join forces in this fight for survival. Nothing will stand in their way of capturing their happily-ever-after, not even a fae Queen.
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