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Once Upon a Princess: A Paranormal Romance Series, Book 2

Once Upon a Princess: A Paranormal Romance Series, Book 2

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After escaping a harrowing ordeal with the Drakin Clan, Princess Lucy’s homecoming is short lived.  

The evil dragon-shifters, along with their newfound allies, the giants, have declared war upon the Southern Kingdom. Lucy knows her life is in danger and must learn how to defend herself. 

After seeking out a local witch named Hilda, Lucy learns of a prophecy, sending her on a quest to retrieve a magical golden crown located in the caves of the Southeastern Lands. This crown is guarded by Orcs - large creatures with a taste for blood and war. Lucy will be accompanied by a prince, and a duke from the Northern Kingdom, along with Tobias - each vying for her love. Lucy soon learns she’s open to love - more than she ever thought possible.  

In this dangerous journey through the Wastelands, it will be up to Lucy, and the magic within the crown, to save her family, and her kingdom. Will Lucy be able to battle the feelings she has for all three men, and steal the golden crown in time to save her people, fulfilling her destiny?  

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