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Number 10 Affair - Special Edition Hardback

Number 10 Affair - Special Edition Hardback

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I thought I was going for a job interview, but he thinks I am here as his escort ...

I had been unemployed for months, and with finances tight, I didn't hesitate when I received an unexpected job offer over the phone. The voice on the other end instructed me not to ask any questions, so I complied and found myself standing at the doorstep of the residence of the Prime Minister of the UK.

The problem arose when he seemed to mistake my intentions, assuming that I was there for a different purpose. Before I could even explain, he rushed me upstairs and instructed me to wait for him, naked.

Then, he enters the bedroom and instructed me to get on my knees.

Confused and unsure, I followed his directive and wait.

My anxiety heightened as the Prime Minister walks toward me, unzips his pants and shows me his beautiful …

So what do I do?

My plan is to act dumb until he asks me what’s wrong and I finally tell him that I thought I was here for nanny’s job.

He goes mental asking me if I kneel on every interview and then he hires me …

This is an enemies to lovers, forced proximity and nanny romance novel. It is a complete standalone.

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