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Mega Paranormal Romance Bundle (32 EBOOK) 60% OFF

Mega Paranormal Romance Bundle (32 EBOOK) 60% OFF

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Wyvern Awakening
Wyvern's Secret
Wyvern's Passion
Wyvern's Destiny
Demonic Triangle
Diabolical Quest
Infernal Initiation
Satanic Fortitude
Love with Fangs
A Nightly Howl
Elf's Affection
Witch's Promise
Family Feud:
Vampire King
Alpha King
The Ice King
Fae King
Fae Promise
A Fae’s Love
A Fae’s Return
A Fae’s Deception.
Jane and the Monster (Part 1)
Jane and the Monster (Part 2)
Dorothy and the Monster (Part 1)
Dorothy and the Monster (Part 2)
Big, Bad, Wolf : A Monsters of Mount Moorhead
Aurora and the Monster : Monster of Mount Moorhead

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