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Infernal Initiation Book 3 (Ebook)

Infernal Initiation Book 3 (Ebook)

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Maxine’s secret is out and her life is spinning out of control. After the confrontation with Arthur in the palace she is forced to use her demonic abilities against him. Unfortunately something goes wrong and Maxine wakes up in a prison cell the very next day, and now the Head of Faction wants her head on a silver platter.

She is forced to go into hiding, knowing that her enemy is going after one person that she loves the most– her baby daughter. To make matters worse her business partner Ricky has been wounded by a poisoned magical machete. In order to survive he needs a reversal spell directly from Lucifer’s private quarters. Maxine is visited by a demon who offers her a way out; claiming that he can save people that she cares about if she willingly gives her soul away to the dark lord. She doesn’t even hesitate and makes a deal with the devil himself, knowing that from then on her future will be set in stone and she will be doomed forever.

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