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Dorothy and the Monster (Part 2) (Monsters of Mount Moorhead Book 4)

Dorothy and the Monster (Part 2) (Monsters of Mount Moorhead Book 4)

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In the thrilling sequel to "Dorothy and the Monster," our brave heroine, Dorothy, embarks on a perilous mission to rescue the orc King Vorgath from the clutches of their enemies. But Vorgath's harrowing captivity has left him with fragmented memories and a dangerous affliction – he transforms into a monstrous creature, posing a grave threat to Dorothy and their love.

Undeterred by the dangers that lie ahead, Dorothy sets out to bring back the man she loves, hoping to restore his memories and reclaim the bond they once shared. Yet, each encounter with the transformed Vorgath tests their connection, challenging the strength of their love.

As Dorothy navigates a treacherous path, she must confront her fears and summon all her courage to save Vorgath from his monstrous affliction. Will their love prove powerful enough to endure the trials they face, or will Vorgath's inner demons tear them apart forever?

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