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Diabolical Quest Book 2 (Ebook)

Diabolical Quest Book 2 (Ebook)

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Maxine Brodeur is working hard to stay out of trouble these days, running her private detective agency with business partner Ricky and still drinking way too much tequila, until something from her past comes back to hunt her down. She is hired by an old friend Ronan to track down his son The Nameless Thief, a man that has managed to steal a private collection of royal letters that were left in Ronan’s possession. 

Unfortunately this only Royal correspondence that Nameless took from his father, he also obtained a letter that Max had written to Arthur, in which she revealed the whole truth about her disappearance from two years ago. The letter that she didn’t even know existed. From then on Max is sucked back into royal affairs, and must get to Nameless before he realises what he has in his possession. Pairing up once again teaming up with deliciously sexy detective Quinton. They will both face many ups and downs, trying to resist their explosive attraction, while the future King has his own agenda in mind. Will Max chose right man this time and will she be able to prevent her secret being exposed?

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