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Alpha King (Adult Fairy Tale Romance, Red Riding Hood Book #2)

Alpha King (Adult Fairy Tale Romance, Red Riding Hood Book #2)

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Red Riding Hood runs a local tavern with her grandmother Ruby. She doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy, and she prides herself at being an independent woman. 

During a busy night, a highwayman named Robin One Eye shows up offering her protection, as a pack of werewolves in the area have become a threat to the local public. He requires a fee, but Red refuses. She's ready to to take her chances with the wolves. 

Unfortunately, One Eye keeps coming back, sabotaging her business and threatening clients, forcing Red to seek help with the one and only Alpha King - a hot, arrogant werewolf who's had his eye on her since he stepped foot into Farrington. But Red's been independent for far too long to get tied up again, especially when William not only wants her soul, but heart, as well.

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