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When I told my sister about this special offer, she asked if I was crazy or just super nice.

(honestly, maybe both)

Here's the deal though... You have to buy the novels directly from me.

No Amazon.

No Apple.

Just me. The author.

Love dark steamy romance? Grab this box set just in time for Summers

If you were to buy these ebooks on Amazon, they would cost a total of $39.99

But we are offering THREE bestsellers for just

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"This book was so good I couldn't put it down. Just the right amount spice and a great ending making you want more and more. I fell on love with I've and Merry. Can't wait for more books." - Amazon Customer

"Finally a daddy kink without all the krass thoughts and the guilt. Just a fun simple story where the characters naturally fall into their roles." Amazon Customer

"What you do when you can get an orgasm you go to a sex club but hide the fact your a mafia princess and you request the jiggle package will it work Helpful." Amazon Customer

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