“In Too Deep” is now available

Hey Guys,

Exciting news! “In Too Deep (Love & Hate Series #3)” is now available on Amazon and other retailers. Here are the links:

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This book is part of Love & Hate series that I wrote back in 2014, however it has a brand new set of characters. It can be read as a new story. Part 2 Skimming the Surface (Love & Hate #4) is set up for a pre-order on the 31stt of March. Please help me to spread the word. In the mean time I’ll be writing a short novella about Dora and Jacob from the first book and I’m planning to give it away for free to all my awesome newsletter subscribers, so please keep an eye on your inbox.


Here is the blurb and a pretty cover:

Handsome, arrogant, intelligent and desperate to discover the truth about his ex-girlfriend’s murder from eight years ago, Micah Thomson is a young detective, ready to take on his first breakthrough case. His wish comes true sooner than he expects. A young student has been murdered in Braxton University and Micah is chosen to be a lead detective in her case.

But, some things cannot be forgotten, and destiny cannot be avoided. Micah’s first witness is the victim’s roommate Tahlia Sanderson, a girl that kicks his libido into an overactive mode. His interrogation goes downhill when Micah realises that Tahlia is the same girl that he had crashed with the night before.

Tahlia’s life is not what it seems. Her past is filled with secrets, lies, and vivid images which initiate his own memories, his time that he spent growing up on the council estate, his time with his beloved ex-girlfriend Steph, who’s murder case was never solved.

Will Micah find the real murderer and discover the meaning of his connection to that mysterious suicide girl, or will his ego pull him under the dark waters that hold his repressed emotions forever?

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